Florida wedding sand sculptures

 My wife Cindy and I with a custom grouping of our birds. We can create a custom base to fit your niche. First we create an original wooden bird carving and have a mold made to reproduce them in Limited Editions . We have been creating wading bird wood carvings , statues and sculptures since the 1990's .We maintain the highest quality by doing the work in house we have no employees .We are a true Mom and Pop business .  Cindy does most of the assembly and base coat painting and I do finish carved and painted details and mounting on unique wooden bases.  All products that go into our sculptures are Made in America .The resins we use are good indoors or out.  We stand behind our work and aim for 100% satisfaction. Each bird comes with a hang on card that tells about our work. Shop in confidence and we will create you an heirloom for you to pass on for generations. 

Call- 941-286-3299 to place an order 

blue heron sculpture statue carving

Great blue heron sculpture (Ardea Herodias) 36 inches tall on driftwood Ltd.Edt. of 500  The original sculpture was my wood carving that I have reproduced here in a small run of 500.Your bird will be mounted on a unique piece of driftwood . My line is available in several shops throughout the state of Florida. I do my research by going to the beach or by visiting a local wildlife sanctuary such as Mote Marine or Ding Darling Wildlife preserve. These are good indoors or out. If placing outside ask for a larger base for better stability. I am always looking for a new custom order so feel free to challenge me with your next one of a kind piece of art. $500.00                   Call- 941-286-3299 to order  via paypal

blue heron head close  up
blue heron feather detail Rod Becklund sculpture

Resting pelican on a piling  The pelican is 22 inches long and 12 inches tall on a piling 12-30 inches tall for a total height of 24-42 inches tall $ 400.00

wading bird sculpture egret statue

Small Egret sculpture 24 Inches Tall On Driftwood Ltd. Edt. of 1000 This is a perfect size for gift giving . You can ask for a base to fit your niche since no birds are on the shelf we make each one after the order is made. I often keep a few of the shelf ready to paint so we can usually get orders shipped out in a couple days.The base is unique to each sculpture but the size range is 18-24 inches long and 7-12 inches wide and 4-10 inches tall. It ships easily and will fit in the over head cargo on a plane  $300.00   I use paypal            Call- 941-286-3299 to order or email heroncarver@yahoo.com 

Ibis sculpture by Rod Becklund

White Ibis sculpture Sebastian the white ibis is the mascot of The University Of Miami's Miami Hurricanes and was also revered by ancient Egyptians some tombs contained mummified ibis. They were considered very sacred . This 27 inch tall sculpture is a signed and numbered limited edition of 500  This piece is mounted on real driftwood.The price is $350.00 Contact Rod at 941-286-3299 to place an order using paypal 

Scarlet Ibis statue

Scarlet Ibis sculpture  The Scarlet Ibis is a rare find in Florida ,it is thought that they are descended from escapees from Zoos . Since Florida is a tropical climate they have adapted well . This 27 inch tall sculpture is a signed and numbered limited edition of 500  This piece is mounted on real driftwood. The price is $350.00 

Blue Heron carving

Blue Heron sculpture 33 inches (Ardea Herodias) This is a signed and numbered limited edition of only 500 pieces .This is the most detailed heron I offer every feather is sculpted in high detail. Blue heron sculpture 33" $400.00                                  Call- 941-286-3299 to order  

 The Great Blue Heron is a large wading bird that is common near large bodies of water.The blue heron can be found over most of North America . An all white heron population can be found in the Florida Everglades . They were once thought to be a separate species known as the Great White Heron but DNA research has determined that they are merely a unique color morph of the Great Blue Heron .

Miniature Blue Heron sculpture

      Mini Blue Heron sculpture   cast from and original wood carving it is 12 to 14 inches tall depending on base size . (Ltd.Edt-of 500)   This Blue Heron is highly detailed with every feather carved and painted to closely mimic a real bird. My wife Cindy and I do all of the carving and painting ourselves enjoy this Miniature Blue Heron Statue in your home for $220.00          Call- 941-286-3299  to order              

Close up detail of Blue Heron

Close up detail of Blue Heron miniature 

Sea Gull Carving

Sea Gull Sculpture --- Black-headed Gull(Chroicocephalus ridibundus) - The Black-headed Gull is a norther bird that nest on the ground and is rarely seen far from the oceanOriginal wood carving $300.00

Egret Sculpture by Rod Becklund

Mini Egret sculpture (Egretta Egretta) / long neck 12 to 14 inches depending on base size . (Ltd.Edt-of 500)   I took this pose from watching an egret chasing a lizard . He had his head slightly cocked to see around the bush to get his dinner and he did . Miniature Egret Sculpture $220.00

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Yellow -crowned Night Heron (Nyctanassa violacea)Limited Edition of 500 This bird sculpture is  12 inches tall on a 1 of a kind base of twisted driftwood that blends into a black wooden base . This is my favorite piece of driftwood.  This piece as you see it is $400.00 It is available on a flat driftwood base for only $SOLD OUT                                         Call- 941-286-3299 to order.

Louisiana tricolored ( Egretta tricolor)heron   Limited Edition of 1000     24 inches tall on driftwood base with reed grasses. I often see these on my way to Sanibel Island and that is how I was inspired to do this sculpture. I have named him Sanibel Jack in honor of a good friend who lives on Sanibel.$300.00     Call- 941-286-3299  to order.
Roseate Spoonbill statue sculpture

Roseate spoonbill sculpture 27 inches tall , I  start a piece like this by gathering all my reference material to decide on a pose. I then select my wood design and draw my pattern then cut out the basic shape.Then I carve shape and sand until there is nothing left to do but paint . Then I put my base color on and add several thin coats of paint to give a translucent light feel to the feathers that closely mimic a live bird.  (Ajaia ajaja) - Roseate Spoonbill statue by Rod Becklund    ($350.00)                                  Call- 941-286-3299 to order.

Sandhill Crane sculpture

Sandhill Crane (Grus canadensis)32 inches tall  on driftwood base with reeds . The Sandhill Crane is a migratory bird and is often seen at golf courses. Sandhill Cranes mate for life and the Chinese hold them in high regard  as a symbol of fidelity and loyalty . His name is Terrence the Sandhill. This is a signed and numbered limited edition of 500             $450.00                         Call- 941-286-3299 to place your order.

Sandhill Crane head detail
A link to Rod Becklund's facebook art page with more art.

 List of bird carvings that I sell in limited edition sculpture reproductions of 500 or 1000 Great Blue Heron , Great Egret , White Ibis , Scarlet Ibis , Glossy Ibis , Roseate Spoonbill , Sandhill Crane , Whooping Crane , Yellow Crowned Night Heron , Belted Kingfisher , Little Blue Heron , Louisiana Tri-colored Heron , Reddish Egret , American Bald Eagle, Brown Pelican , and the White Pelican.                                                                                                Shipping------Most orders take 2 weeks or less. I only charge actual shipping and materials, no handling. Largest herons and pelicans are $95.00 to ship. 14 inch Minis ship for 20.00 . Small herons roseate spoonbills and ibis shipping charges are 45.00 I will combine shipping on multiple orders. I take Paypal or credit card over the phone with Square                                   Contact info e-mail ->  heroncarver@yahoo.com phone # 941-286-3299

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