Call- 941-286-3299 to place an order

Blue Solitude Original $500.00  also available  as  Limited Edition of 100  for $250.00

Blue Heron Detail 24x24 inches Acrylic Original $400.00 Limited Edition of 100 $200.00 

Razzle Dazzle (Roseate Spoonbill) 24x24 image original framed as is $500.00 Limited Edition Framed as shown $250.00 


Sanibel Lighthouse Acrylic Original  20x24 inches $400.00

 Fishermans Village Punta Gorda acrylic original painting.

Checkerboard Rooster 16x17 inches Acrylic original on board $125.00 

Tuscan Plam Acrylic original on board 12x36 inches  $125.00

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